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October 27, 2013


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Sam opened the motel door hoping to find (y/n) resting by the couch with her feet up on the furniture and munching on some snacks she'd bought from the store around the corner from here. He closed the door behind him, the click of the lock being the loudest thing in this empty room. His heart raced worriedly as he threw his duffle bag onto the floor and ran over to the window looking to see if she was coming from the store now. Nothing. he closed the blinds and turned around. His eyes searching for a sign of where she's gone. A dim light came from the bottom of the bathroom door. His right hand instinctively reached for his silver blade as he cautiously neared the door. His left hand turned the knob, and pushed the door open. (y/n) stood facing the mirror and turned over to Sam in shock. His grip on the silver blade loosened and his arms rested on his sides. Her widened eyes were red from the tears. Mascara stained her cheeks and outer eye making it seem more dramatic. And of course her noticeable, and now permanent, scar stood out from her face. A straight deep red line crossed her right eye to the bottom of her cheek.  

"(y/n), are you alright?" He said carefully walking over to her. She shook her head vigorously attempting to keep her tears in.

"NO." She sobbed loudly. Her fingers shaking as she clutched onto the sink beneath the stained mirror. He reached his arms out and grabbed her by the waist.

"Come on." He whispered bringing her closer to his side. She immediately grabbed onto his jacket holding on for support to walk. Sam guided her out of the bathroom and onto the bed. He gently placed her on the soft fluffy sheets and let go. She gripped onto her shaking knees while he brought a small metal chair over and placed it in front of her. He sat on the chair making it squeak from the weight he put on it.

"What's wrong, (y/n)" He said waiting to listen to what she had on her mind.

"Sam." She sobbed, "Why didn't you let it kill me..."

Sam's face painfully frowned as he remembered a couple days ago he and (y/n) went on a hunt while Dean and Bobby raced to Kansas for another hunt. Sam and her were more than capable to handle any monster but it was different this time. The wendigo they found lurking in the woods wasn't alone. Sam was cornered against a dying tree, close to death. (y/n) thankfully came to his rescue, taking on a couple of them at a time. But one of them latched onto Sams leg, making him incapable to help. His painful scream caught (y/n)'s attention. She turned worriedly to her boyfriend as his leg was being ripped, she lost focus and a wendigo pounced. Sam yelled angrily at the monster as he miraculously escaped it's grip and killed it. A few of the wendigo's corners (y/n). Her face was covered in her own gushing blood and bruises covered her bare arms. She looked like a doll who has fallen apart. Sam was in the clear now, he stood watching her die.

"GO!" She yelled angrily at him for his actions of staying. "GO!"

Sam ignored her pleas and rushed into the attack. "NO!!!!" She yelled desperately.

Her desperate pleas echoed in his mind as he glanced back up at (y/n) who attempted to cover her scar with her hair.

"I'm never going to let ANYTHING kill you, (y/n)."

"You should have made an exception."


"Sam. I'm torn! I'm scarred!" She yelled pointing at her face. "FOR LIFE! Soon enough, you'll find this a bit tiresome. You'll move on, from me." She lowered her head in sadness. He witnessed a couple teardrops drop onto her old jeans.
Sam reached his hand up and pushed her chin up making her look at him. With the other hand he pushed the hair that covered her face behind her ear.

"(y/n), I don't care if you have a scar on your face as much as I wouldn't care if you cut your hair short or dress up in old worn out clothes. All of that doesn't take away how incredible you are."

"This." He said pressing his thumb onto her scar, "Wont change what's in here." His hand moved  down to her chest and pressed onto the exact spot where her thumping  heart is. She let out on last sob before collapsing into his arms. She clung onto him desperately nuzzling her face into his neck.

"You're beautiful, (y/n)."
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